Saturday, August 07, 2004

Saturday...Up, Down, & Chasing 'Round

Off early this morn to work as Charge Nurse on the Brain Injury unit. Stressfull, challenging as always...even bizarre. But all ended well so back to our home to find my partner Jonathan had been trying to "firm up" our flight arrangements for holiday to Italy. Usually our vacations are spent trekking around England to see art and this is something different. We decided everyone needs to see the old masters work in Florence at least once. Hope to spend a day or so in Rome also...just because. Meantime, the birds needed feeding as did Susan, our Corgie mix, and Cat was running around being her ever so weird self. A quick check on the garden...bejeebers, some nite creeper keeps digging in the gladiolus! The rock garden looks grand though. We made the front just garden and no grass which didn't grow anyway. Then time to concoct dinner...chicken with rice and veggies from neighbors garden. No recipe Then computer time. Made some postcards from photos I've made & designed using Paintshop program. Always taking pictures, sometimes to make rubber stamps or play with for various projects. I'll probably include some copies here from time to time...maybe Michael can compare with his postcards.? Britcoms on tonite...can't miss Keeping Up Appearances. Is Onslow a hero or what? Tomorrow...we shall see what's up.


Blogger michael said...

Ah, so you have the blogging bug too Syl! Good, the more the merrier! Its always nice to hear what people are up too! Italy eh? great! We can reccomend venice very highly though it is very expensive. What a magical place though, so much to see, and so many boats to ride on! A venician? said the Romans are very loud compared with the folk of venice. Obviously a bit of inter-city rivalry going on there!
Send us a postcard when you get there!

2:43 PM  
Blogger Syl said...

You bet we will, Michael, if we manage to get there! Send news of your upcoming plans...oh, and would love to see more of your postcards! Artwork...anything like that. Thanks for introducing us to this very enticing site!

5:45 PM  

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