Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Tuesday....a bit bizarre

Jonathan shakes my bones...time to get up! He's off to work and I am up to cleaning. Old friend from England arrives today so sprucing up and making ready. Meantime, some varmit keeps digging in my gladiola bed, making them fall to the ground. No way, so snipped that pretty bugger and enjoying in the house a bright red flower budding. Yikes, appears we had little visitors over winter...making a nest in the sleeper sofa! Threw everything into the wash so fresh again. Meantime, I am checking out "protrait" photos and some I have manipulated...Will send one..maybe two of interesting people. I love watching they react to the moment. We are so diverse...and yet alike, if we admit it. Last night had a wonderful night in Essex with an old artist friend visiting from California. Funny thing, he needed to tell us about his depression. Glad he felt safe enough to talk...but thought how vulnerable we can be. Still lots of laughs...a lovely sea view...good eats. And good conversation. Fulfilling. Other quests charming...artists or teachers. Think Jonathan's work is equal to any I've seen compared to theirs. He was modest. So that was my day and a half. Til tomorrow.


Blogger michael said...

A grizzly bear living in your sofa?! How awful!
Thanks for the comments Syl. I left a message on my blog but will repeat it here too. To make LINKS section in side panel go see JollyRogers Badgers Nose blog which has a detailed but simple step by step description of how to get into the HTML and type it in. If you have problems I'm sure he will help like he did for me. if he's not available I will do my best to help.
Yes, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. No good hiding your light under a bushel and other handy maxims as it does you know good in this dog eat dog world. Jonothan is far too modest. One of my failings too!
Archie is growing quite rapidly, in all directions! Too much chocolate and puddings! He's off to visit his chum jack today over in Weaverham after a check-up at the foot specialist who's name escapes me.

3:53 AM  
Blogger Syl said...

Oh Man...I must be an embecile...I went to Badgers Nose and took all the instructions...and hooray, it seemed I had created my first link...only to come to my site and it's not there. When I previewed it was there and worked. Bejeebers the frustration...want to set up lots of links but it's really hard. Commiserize with you, Michael, in yer efforts...anyway...sigh...Show me piccys of some of your newer collaborations or independent works. And love that you find these odd little pieces that Hazel can use. Meanwhile...back at the was nice to receive a personl letter from my boss, the Director of Nurses of the company. Seems I do an ok job there. And Jonathan has chased the ends of the earth in his work today. Tonite, we listen to Dylan and he sings to me...not a bad way to end the day...Later, friends.

8:22 PM  

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