Friday, December 17, 2004

Salute collage

Salute collage
Originally uploaded by Sylvia...Sometimes.

Well, we all need some spice
to our lives! This collage was made for

collage kids group, where it represents a

Beatles song or album and we guess which

one. Always a fun challenge and a great time

seeing everyone's work!
Worked today...and work was work.
But home and time to enjoy
Robert Crumb CD...yes we were
bad & opened that present early!
Wonderful!!! Jonathan dances as
we listen to and sing about
Rings around the bathtub...
Thanks you so much Michael...what
a great surprise...I am holding off
on my gift...but know it will be
If you haven't listened to Robert have missed a treat.
Late now...cheers.


Blogger michael said...

naughty naughty! Glad you are enjoying the Cheap Suits. I just put the first coupla tracks on the Memory Disc's I made for my siblings to accompany a slide show of old musty photos from the archive. It works quite well.Now to try and guess thatBeatles song. i havea couple in mind but the red chillies are confsuing me!

4:23 PM  
Blogger Syl said...

Oh, I can see where this would be
PERFECT for the sound track for slides!!!
Brilliant, Michael! Jonathan was thoroughly
pleased...and I get to enjoy it too.
Thanks again!

12:49 AM  

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