Wednesday, December 01, 2004

LR Shrine #3

LR Shrine #3
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Rain, rain go away...but
if the choice is snow, please stay!
So slogged off to Staples to resupply printer ink, to the off-license to stock up on holiday spirits, the the post office...hey, John Wayne stamps!
After 2 very expensive trips to the vet for Kat who quit eating, she's on antibiotics and is chowing down. Hooray!
Then to the market just because I like things to be fresh.
Home...taking of this thimble. Oh stop groaning, Michael! I know you don't fancy them! But this one is special...hand-painted for me by an artist friend who has since died. Tom was originally from UK, had an outrageous wit, and I miss the bloak. He would think bloak was the nicest thing I called him! He also painted larger on canvas pieces and was working on one with Irish gardens, his beloved cat, birds...all things we each loved. He wrote me right before he went to hospital last time saying he couldn't finish the painting...but was including a few ladybugs for luck. Soon after he died; his lovely wife K posted the painting to me...When I took it to the framers, John offered to finish parts of the trees and roses for me. As his work is wonderful I was tempted, but felt I only wanted Tom's hand there. Someday I'll show this picture also...but for now it's still too close to the heart. I cleared & cleaned for the Christmas tree, I was drawn to this tiny thimble. Reminded me that something does not need to be big to be dear.
So soon, holiday lights everywhere! And we happen to live in a neighborhood that really lights up!!! More pics to show later.
Roger, if you see this...check yer rabbit site for CD order...friendly reminder! ;-)
As for dreams...well, I think they are our subconscious talking to us...bits and pieces reminding us of things that "registered" emotionally or however. I forget most of mine too, Michael...there must be a reason? Oh, can imagine Archie does have vivid ones with his lively spirit! And he's young enough to remember...remember?
My Christmas wish?...good health to family & friends...Peace.
Some printer ink would be nice Oh man...that just reminded me of John Lennon's "So This Is Christmas" of all time favorites!


Blogger swapatorium said...

Lovely entry Syl. My good friend passed away over 10 years ago and he left us his wonderful aluminum Christmas tree which we still use today (the one I photographed for Flickr). It's nice to have memories of loved ones around the house.

12:12 AM  
Blogger Syl said...

Thank you for sharing that, snap. I
think your friend knew you would not only
make the tree beautiful, but you would
share it's beauty. What a perfect way
to honor them.

5:31 PM  
Blogger michael said...

Thanks for sharing such nice memeories and pictures Syl. Its a bitter -sweet time of year that one remembers happier times and loved ones. My Mum and Dad passed away just before Xmas a couple of years back (my dad the year previous) so think of them alot ofcourse.
Lots of fancy lights going upo all over Northwich now and some down our street. Hazel thinks we should get more lights but I'm not climbing on the roof! The ones in the windows seem fine to me!

6:17 AM  
Blogger Syl said...

We can't have you crawling on the
roof and ending up a squashed puddle
at Christmas! But, an extra light or
2 can't hurt? ;-)
Sad when loved ones are there to share
special times...just remember all the
special times they gave you...and remember
to thank them, wherever they are.
And now I'm off to hear some of the
latest bootsalesounds!
Cheers all

8:37 PM  

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