Friday, August 13, 2004

We Have Links! worked and I now have a link...working on No. 2. Thanks for putting me on to jollyrogers site, Michael. It's Friday the 13th and what a great day, at least for me. Work was work but not bad, then home to good mail, my Tarot card reading! Encouraged, I walked up to the convenience store to place a bet on the Lottery. If I win, we all win...that's my thinking. Soon, Jon came home...he must be hungry for he's already saying he wants dinner and wants it in time to watch "Monarch of the Glen". Since dinner is usually my job, I quess I shall not starve the man as he is skinny enough. Ugh...found a disgusting furball on the carpet. Funny, at work I see lots of gore and it doesn't affect me, but at home, I am a wimp. And poor Susan, our old corgi, gets worse and worse. It's time to consider putting her down but I just can't do it yet. Guess we will all just get old & contankerous together in our little home (Jumpy Jon, Snapping Syl, Psycho Kitty, & Mopey Sue). My favorite lady, Julia Child, died. What a delight she was. Still, the blog thing has got me going...addictive indeed! So much to learn but what a great way to share news & pictures/projects we work on. Interested to see Hazel's next metal project! Ha! Jonathan brought home an Italian grammer book...E un'ottima idea! Let's hope they speak English, I'm thinking. That's it for now.


Blogger michael said...

Thanks for the link to flobberlob syl. Glad you had a better friday 13th than us! (see blog ) Today wasnt much better but atleast we have full power now and our guests( when they turn up- tummy rumbles) won't fall down the stairs in the night!
Jonothan's coughing up fur-balls now?!

2:04 PM  
Blogger Syl said...

I posted a comment on your blog about your horrific last few days...glad you survived with sanity intact. Don't know why the comment isn't showing...or maybe it takes a while. Have had a heat-wave here last 2 days...tomorrow rain & storms compliments of hurricanes in Florida. Won't mind playing with my 'puter and trying to come up with idea for next mail-art project. Enjoy ice cubes, lights, and yes, blogging!

5:02 PM  
Anonymous said...

I'm hoping you are the fabulous Sylerbuns late of Born in the UK & Anglochat
It's Suzoe & Tomtomrob hoping to reconnect with some of the old gang. How are you? Do you ever hear from Kenn? Anyone else?Love to hear from you!

5:24 PM  
Blogger sylviasometimes said...

Yes, is me!!! Ohhhh, but it is so tremendous to hear from you two! I've been lately to the UK and going to Ireland this summer...but haven't been in anglochat for way too long. Yes, I do hear from Kenn..he is being published! He's worked hard for it for am proud for him....
Please tell me all about you!
Hugs..don't you know it!

6:13 PM  
Anonymous SuZoe ( said...

Hello Syl! Wonderful for Kenn. I'd love to know a few details - if you talk with him or email, please send him my best wishes. I am in Michiganm with Tomtomrob, and we seem to have a house and a cat ... a very substantial orange marmalade cat (it's not my fault; he came that way) and now there is this St Bernard who was only supposed to be visiting.. Rob is keeping busy with his band The Detroit Hemi's they were recently chosen as one of the City's top 10 by Doug.FM You can look for him on myspace - tomtomrob. I know he'd love to hear from you. Blessing all around. SuZoe

8:37 PM  

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