Sunday, December 19, 2004

John Lincoln Wright CD cover

Ever see a Peter Wolf show? Electrifying from the get-go and
the he never lets up. Peter, a Boston bloak, said of John...he's "a survivor. He ain't just in it for a Sunday drive."
It's true...John Lincoln speaks of and from life...good days, bad days, lonely days, "got folding money" days. Last night we went to his annual Christmas party at the Kirkland. He was brilliant.
Even the pub owner, barkeeps, and old friends from the Plough showed up to give homage to this local icon. We kicked up our heels to honky-tonk, we swayed with his ballads...changing partners, it didn't matter...he made us want to dance. Speaking to John Lincoln, looking frail and as he said "enough going on in his life to keep the material comin' in", I wonder if this might be his last party here...I hope not. He is a man with the rare talent of translating life to music. Thank you, John Lincoln, for this special time.


Blogger Syl said...

This is a poor copy...Jonathan painted the cover
for this.

8:12 PM  

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