Saturday, August 14, 2004

Saturday's Child...

Stayed up way too late last night and paid for it today as Jonathan was all chirpy & ready for us to be off on a host of errands. The humidity had me looking like I had a dip in the pool in no time. But mission accomplished and was treated to lunch as well. And tonight we grill out and have the freshest plump corn you ever saw, from Wilson Farms who grow most of their veggies on the premises. Back home, I hopped to blogs and linked to mail-artist, only to have Rudd Janssen appear. Was thrilled to read his stuff and hear about up-coming projects. Left my comment so hope he will get back. He lives in the Netherlands. Talked to Deb, my friend visiting from England, and she and 2 other fairly local Anglochat friends will drive up tomorrow for lunch at the Plough. Should be great fun! Took some pictures of birds at the feeder located in our sunflower garden-cardinals, chickadees, and a bluejay were lined up. Ornery bluejay wouldn't share but all eventually ate. Thought bluejay would plummet to the ground after being such a piggy. Also found that the midnight varmit had again been digging in garden & had plopped a basil plant right out of the ground. Would stay up to scare the beast away but suspicious it might be a skunk, and I would be the one singing "Who's Sorry Now?". Time to shuck corn now. Happy eats!


Blogger michael said...

I"m not really a big corn on the cob eater but Hazel likes it. I find it a bit bland tasting and what exactly is a "corn dog"? I've seen pictures and they look very odd, like corn covered in dough? and a stick to hold it with?

5:06 PM  

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