Monday, October 11, 2004

Have You FLOSSED Today?

If you haven't, shame on you! Michael Leigh (see my link "Flobberlob" or Yahoo's Mailart group for a couple of leads) has a call out for that's how I spent most of the day. Since I decided not to take this work to be photocopied it meant working with my own scanner and eeeeeeeeek...what can I put on the back?!!! Well, lesson the work then take it to the photocopier! It would give a much better end-product, I'm sure. Spent several hours last night going through old mail looking for envelopes to scan to Ruud Janssen ( see his site at IUOMA or find him in my link). Was really hard selecting pieces as they are all one-offs and fabulous. Later last night made Mushroom Barley soup to go with Jon's homemade rolled-oat bread. The aroma of both made us circle like vultures...but NO! Needed to photograph for my foodies group first (on Flickr). After something to the tune of "A man could starve to death in this house!" I took his gentle hint to heart. Later we settled in to watch Britcoms...and yeah!!! The Redsox won! Heard there were some good games of Brit football going too, which I would have loved to see. Tonight, the dog is snoring by my feet...and all is well. Later...


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