Monday, September 20, 2004

Mister...Is them yo'r Walking Shoes?

I've discovered that packing for vacation is just like moving! You think everything is packed and ready to go ...except just those few more things. Only to find out you've boxes & boxes left to go! So early this morning feet hit the floor running. Jon off in his van to go pick up U Haul truck to pick up art for a presentation. Ring...ring...NO place to park!#@! So back he comes and I drive him over. Ring...ring...left the book with contact numbers at home...give him info. Finally able to wash Sue...can't have her off to camp all smelly (daring phone to ring whilst I'm up to my elbows in suds & dog!). Done! Send off last few bills with quick walk to the post office. Back to pick up car for run to market....tins & tins of food for Kitty & Sue, bangers & mash makings for us. Another walk to the bank as the US dollar stands very poorly next to the Euro! Down to the cellar for another load of wash...ring...ring. Race up the stairs to catch the darn thing as Jon has not had the best of days. He has to make unplanned trip out to Concord to resupply his men...will be later than thought getting home. Quickly run down to cellar, throw in the clothes, then resurface. Clean out fridge tossing anything which may spoil, run the dishwasher, then time for lunch. Ugh, nothing appeals. Rethinking what I should pack as it's turned decidedly chilly here and Michael mentioned to Jon was windy and coolish there. Don't know why I am's that time of year. What happened to summer?!!! Can't avoid the computer addiction so quickly check blogs, e-mail. Found great suggestions for poetry books from Roger :-) . Noticed Archie's site is coming along nicely! Each site has treats but need to get going here again. Had email from my coffee supplier that Pecan- flavored coffee is now available....sounds NASTY!


Blogger Roger Stevens said...

Have a fabulous holiday. Unless you've already gone and you're reading this when you got back in which case I hope you had a fabulous holiday.

4:10 PM  
Blogger michael said...

That goes for me, hazel and Archie too. Bon Voyage! harry vederci!

4:43 PM  
Blogger michael said...

hey, that was quick! just got your nice card from Firenze of the amazing bridge with all the houses? on. London used to have one similar years ago but it got destroyed in the great fire of london i think. glad you are having a nice time. an irish pub eh? whatever next!?

10:47 AM  
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