Saturday, October 30, 2004

Yikes! There's A Wink In My Blink!

Some days are best left forgotten...
like when the kat garoofs a furball
on the newly cleaned carpet...or when
the oil light comes on in your car at
5 in the morning and nothing's open...
or when it's time to turn back your clock
knowing it will be dark when you get home
for months on end...ah, the joy of shoveling
snow just around the corner!
Yep, you quessed it...that kind of day.
Ever have any? First time in 80-something
years the Red Sox win the series...what does
it do???Rain spitballs all day on their parade.
Not that I was insane enough to go to that parade!
Worse than fending for yourself at Macy's day-after
Thanksgiving sale! Think they send in the futball
team dressed in drag for that one!
Jonathan paints for the Icons & Alters show coming up...
treated me with glow-n-the-dark Halloween Pez...:-) and
tomorrow night we get ready for the barrage of gobblins
(hungry gobblins, I might say).
Wrote a silly poem but had fun doing it...
trying to convince my partner to let me take his
photo with a pulverized piece of hubcap that
actually looks like a masks, even weird little knob
things that look like eyeballs. You might see it later???
Getting the makings together for dinner...a peppercorn-shallot
steak deal tonite.
And last but not least, get that digital camera cleared of old
pictures...ghosts, witches, fairy princesses coming for a
to each of you! Cheers


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