Saturday, October 23, 2004

A Benvenutto Cellini Maestro signed locks.jpg b

Ok, I admit it...I support causes...
not all that I should but a few...I think we deserve to breathe decent air...I think if you own/adopt a pet,
it deserves respect, not neglect...I
think art reflects our times and is
communication we should listen to.
So, today was manna from heaven. Off
decently early to the coast via the scenic route so burst of color everywhere! In Essex to an antique shop where we snatched up a catalogue of Indian history...places and people in it Jon met when living there. A surprise for Hazel's metal collection which I shall send off (an hearing-aid voltameter of all things...scary!). Then treated to fish and chips and hot tea as was really cold & windy outside. Next on to more antique shops where the first charged $5.00 per magazine (bought several for collage material)...then another which only charged $1.00 per mag and it was the best. One favorite purchase was a 1964 Life magazine with pics & article on the Beatles. And Jon pointed out a pile of Popular Mechanics. At first I grimmaced...NOT what I thought I wanted...not a mechanical bone in this body. WOW the stuff there was unbelievvvvvvable as Victor Meldrew might say. Snapped it up. A winding way home to catch the sights...then express, as limits of indulgence were wearing thin. Then realized the regatta was going on...people from all over the world rowing those sculls...drove by and was able to catch many teams still competing and the crowds were everywhere but orderly...300,000 they guessed. Got to enjoy a bit of it as it was winding down. A sign. What, you say??? Wine sale 20% off...stopped by to stock up (having learned a bit while in Italy). Sacks of loot everywhere, we headed home. Red Sox game tonite...hope we win but hope fans remember to act civilly. We want to celebrate...not mourn irresponsible acts.'s time to check out those books and see what my next project is.
As for those personally signed locks you can see...we weren't able to find out their reason. It was intriging their numbers, that they were cut & taken off...and that for some reason someone signed his/her name to a lock and by morning, the rails were again full.
Wherever you are tonight...or this morning...may your socks match!


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