Friday, October 22, 2004

Profile in Red

Profile in Red
Originally uploaded by Sylvia...Sometimes.
It's a Dylan kinda nite...listening to
"It Ain't Me (you're looking for)...I said to the sheriff. Meantime, finished
the Collage Kids collage "Cherished Objects" due soon...worked on photography project. Tomorrow it's off
to the antique shops come rain or
shine! But as the night closes in...
I think of glimpses of the day...Popeye...the innards of a piano(they may not be what you think!)...the
phenomenal spread of mailart, both
by snail (& believe me, it seems to take
forever in the world of WWW!!! ) & the
ability to share art forms almost
instantaneously-if you can survive
Spam (no, not that atrosity camouflaged
as meat!). Jon tells me he went looking
for camouflaged pants...says he couldn't find them...they were hidden.
And so our wacky little corner of
whatever goes on. Cheers.


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