Thursday, November 04, 2004

Arezzo train

Arezzo train
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Blog went AWOL as whole template evaporated...told it was a bug and basically had to rebuild. Working on it.
But while the site was blitzo I did have time to visit some of my contacts' sites and whoooeeeeee...good things brewing. Definitely thinking about Robots...
Also, cooked a wonderfully aromatic, yum vegetable curry last nite, thanks to
Michael & Hazel sharing their recipe!
This weekend is the Weston library sale...never been to one but all kinds of possibilities.
About the train above, we were waiting for the return trip to Firenze when this beauty rolled up...didn't know where it was going but wanted to be on the ride!
Wonderful show on the telly last nite about Amsterdam (one of my favorite places)...called Globetrotter. If you love traveling, it gives a great view of wherever you may be thinking of...or have been.
Snow flurries predicted for tomorrow! Already? Need a nice big fireplace about now.
So ...wherever you are...cheers!


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