Sunday, November 07, 2004

Robots collage with I 1 amp san d poem yer stations!
Finished the robot collage progect
but it made me think...just how
close are we to becoming robots in
reality?! Pets already get ID chips
inserted...are we next? Think about
those little "buddies" we now buy that
vacuum up our rooms, zooting about. Defibrillators implanted in the abdominal cavity to jumpstart the
heart should it decide to be lazy!
Good things or bad, I ask?
Once-well more than once-I've had
discussions about "progress". Convenience can be nice...IS nice...
but I think some of life's charm can
be lost in it. In Europe, Belgium & Amsterdam especially, I loved the sight
of 80 year olds bicycling down to market. And while central heat is oh
so nice at times, there is something to
be said about dashing into one's nightclothes and quickly burroughing
into piles of wool blankets...waiting to become toasty warm.
Well, those are some of my thoughts this gorgeous fall day.
Til later...


Blogger michael said...

Hey, I'm at the front of the comments queue! makes a change eh? he he!
Glad the nevleope arrived. the neverlope? Sounds like one of them jackolope hybrid creatures on the wacky postcards that Rudi Rubberoid used to send me. a cross between an envelope and a hantilope?
We are full of pizza that took ages to cook despite being A so-called ":fast food" meal. what a joke! All that waiting around for dough to rise and pummelli ngit and falttening it out and smearing tomatoe paste on and then spilling tuna oil all over the kitchen floor and not seeing it and treading it all through the house! o quel horreor! took ages to clean up horrible oily fishy stuff, and me a vegetarian too!

3:03 PM  
Blogger Syl said...

My, didn't you have the
fun day! Fish oil?!!! out or
you'll be growing scales.
Now you know the meaning
of the song..."Slip-sliding
Oh, saw rogerrabbit on the
bootsale site but it wouldn't
let me listen...sigh. Will
catch it later and thank YOU!

7:06 PM  
Blogger Jonathan said...

Michael- You need a cat if you're spilling fish oil about...

9:06 PM  

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