Monday, December 20, 2004

Popeye the Sailor Man c

wwwwwwell, what's a person to do when it's bleeping freezing out and your eyelashes look like icycles! You bring yerself up into a giant ball, barrel down the road, and dare anyone to get into the path of this rolling snowball. Finally make it to the post office, no casualties so far, and watch the clerk's face as you load up the counter with packets to UK, Australia, and Serbia. Actually she knows me and took the time to look at the decoration on each...not wanting to add the metered stamps for fear of messing up designs. Told her to stamp away and add any stickers she could! We both had fun & it broke up the routine for her. Time to ready for walk back home...determined not to be a snowball but a mummy snowman. Buttoned up the sweater, wooly neck sash applied, big floppy hat pulled down so only eyeballs show, coat refastened! Forward men, march!!! Okay, waddle waddle. Meet other waddle waddles. We realize the walks which normally accommodate 2 people side-by-side are NOT going to happen. Take turns stepping off into the pile of snow to let each other pass. Yes, the Christmas spirit is present...#**@#!!! Home again. Whew! Time for hot cocoa? Nooooo...Kat had again stopped eating and is cringing in corners. She's to have dental surgery Wednesday but can't like this. Call to the for emergengy IV fluids & antibiotics. Kat put into her travel box, and dash out to the car. Door locks frozen and windows need scraping the ice off. Think of Kitty...Think of Kitty I mantra as I scrape and bang realize I only think I still have fingers...they are supposed to be under those gloves...but I can't feel them. To vet...gets her treatment and find out we have to repeat this tomorrow so she'll be up to the surgery. WWeeeeahhhhh...starting to think I need a drink! What?!! It's only 2 PM?!! Back home and settle for a cocoa...yes, I added extra whipped cream...after all!!!
No, I need more...and there's that little packet sitting there that is OH, so tempting. NOOOOOOOO! my conscience shouts. YEEEEEEEES! my whimpy self shouts back! Off rips that can't be! NOT no NOT my hero...POPEYE! Aw, Michael, you shouldn't have...but he's just what I needed this crazy day. Thank you, Hazel, and Archie so much! Today wasn't so bad after-all!


Blogger michael said...

You are very naughty opening your pressies before the crimble but you sound like you deserved it after such a hectic day! Glad you like Popeye. Eagle eyed hazel found it at a boot sale. We thought of you immediately. Not sure how old it is 60's 70's?
We are off to see granma today, through the woods with our basket of goodies. its her birthday. She's 109! No, not really.She's about 70 I think and getting very deaf. Will have to shout alot. We are going to take her out for a slap up lunch at the Golden Pheasant in Plumley.
Brrrr! Its pretty cold this morming. A frosty covering on the car and leaves outside.
Weeve done most of our crimble shopping and only some more food stuffs to get in. Mince pies.Yule Log. Sprouts. Chestnut stuffing etc.
Throw another chair leg on the fire!

3:40 AM  
Blogger Syl said...

I'm sure granma will have a
wonderful birthday with you...just the way
to spend the day! You are way too
organized to have everything all
set for crimpy...another way of
saying we have been NOT organized
this year. Afraid we will be one
of those last minute nuts out
Christmas day eve finishing up.
But Tree is up, lights on, decorated...
and smells so good. Have a great day, Michael,
Hazel, & Archie...and thanks again!

5:38 AM  
Blogger swapatorium said...

I really enjoyed reading this post! I could feel the cold all the way to Houston where by the way, it's in the 70s. Brrrrrr.

4:26 PM  
Blogger Syl said...

Snap...oh you stinker, you!!!
Glad you enjoyed! ;-)

7:18 PM  

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