Tuesday, January 11, 2005

One and All We Danced collage

test run here to see if
things are straightened out
or I just need to do a new blog...


Blogger michael said...

The same thing was happening over at my blog for a while-kept getting an annoying line right through my photo! I typed in extra stuff and it stretched it out somehow.

1:04 PM  
Blogger Roger Stevens said...

Seems okay now. Any new year resolutions?

12:02 PM  
Blogger michael said...

HAZEL said......
Thank you for the wonderful Pocket voltmeter...You know me so well..its great..A photo on my blog very soon.
The book looks great too...something good for my long train journeys...Many Thanks x

1:44 PM  
Blogger Syl said...

When I view this from Jon's computor, it looks
semi-right...as aposed to semi-left. On my computor
it's a mess but can't be bothered now.
Meantime, I have something for Hazel that has
to be sent...it just so reminded me of her and her
more delicate toys. New faith in the post although
it seems to deliver a battered packet!
Roger...that you are! Have miss you on your wandering
New Years resolutions, you ask? One thing is poor Gee Whiz sits and wonders if she'll ever get off me desk! So off she goes soon...maybe final round?
Second...go from small collage to larger, with a seminar soon to teach me techniques...
Travel more...I've missed England so, but want to show him Amsterdam. And he'd not be adverse to another trip to Italy.
Feeling burnt out on nursing...too little time with patients & too much time with paper work to make things
look artificially good. I hate that.
More? Read some of the really good books out there...
Deep in my heart...take a year off to go to someplace doing nursing teaching and help set up clinics in third world countries...would love to spend a year in
India absorbing it's many influences which are akin to my own thoughts...maybe a wish list more than resolutions. And what would you do differently this year?

11:12 PM  
Blogger Syl said...

Hazel, you are most welcome! Hugs
to all.

6:03 PM  

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