Sunday, August 15, 2004

I Planned What?!

Well, last nite we were going to grill out & have that fabulous corn. Comes time to do it and we looked at each other & neither was interested in food. Lol...well, we had gotten 2 good movies to watch. One I especially liked was "Osama". About a girl in Afghanistan, who because all the men in the family have been killed, is forced by her Mum to shave her hair & try to work as a man. True story here. She succeeded for a while but was found out and carteled off to an old man and a life distroyed. To think this actually happens today just blows me away. The other movie, a Brit one, was entertaining but also alarming...simply because it told of a young woman's struggle to reaccept the real father back into the family...when long since(real father was in the clink), the new man in her life really made her & the daughter happy. Well, won't tell all or the ending. Moving along, was supposed to meet my English friend et al for lunch at Jon's & my favorite pub for lunch...hey they have an excellent cook. Time passed and we watched everyone feasting...well of course we gave in...I mean the smell was too tempting. About the time I get my plate though, I see our old friend Lincoln warbling with a cane through the front window. God, I saw him a month or so ago and he's aged 15 yrs since. He had been found in his back yard he told me...he was so frail & weak. I offered up my half of the sandwich to him and he accepted but could only eat a bite or two, Jon told me. I just couldn't watch. Scarey to see an old friend disintergrate. Then the friends I was supposed to meet called saying they needed half an hour to "put on their faces" and an hour more to travel there. Sorry, but I wasn't going to do the nite time club scene which they seemed to want. Had to beg away. We'll catch up later, here or there, not my concern. The Plough has to be the best corner in the world to watch life. One sees everything, and even occasionally it involves a friend. Suddenly there is this guy...great white wig and angel wings on...I'd brought my camera and he gladly posed for a quick snap. I'll include it next. Don't have a clue to what he is about...except a hand-out...but even without he is cheery. Back home and tonite we on the smoker...corn ready. A feast for the common folk. Cheers, all...we are more fortunate than we know.


Blogger michael said...

You dont give the title of the second film you saw but it didn't ring any bells so assume we hadnt seen it (like the Osama one). We watched a couple of DVDs last week. Jack Nicholson in hey Shmidt or What Shmidt? Something Shmidt anywho. Quite funny and sad by turns. About Shmidt?
The other was the terrible Hotel Paradiso which was just awful. Rick mayal has made some stinkers but this was one of his worst. pew!

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