Friday, September 10, 2004

Knackered...but it's Friday to work to find out the Charge Nurse called out sick...quess who won the prize. Doctors orders then some..labs galore to eval & call & then more orders...admissions kept coming. Wow, it's over. Off to Jonathan's parents home tomorrow...thought it was going to be for the conglomeration of their birthdays...hard for his Mum to find a schedule that his large family can accommodate. Turns out mine will be included and Jon told my age...will shave him bald tonite! Meantime, will take a nice bean dip so off to the grocers first thing for ingredients then home to cook...sometime we have to do a bit of fast shopping for gifts for his Mum, Da, Sis, & Bro. Then try to make the hour trip in time to meet all. Wanna quess we will be on time? Intrigued by Michael's musical call for possible FLOSS. Think we have something he could use here...old great vinyl here. Impressed that some have been so quick to respond to FLOSS...might burn the midnite oil and try for something. See that Hazel has the school year to plan for...remembering when she was to do lectures a few years back...first time replacing an old professor.


Blogger Roger Stevens said...

Not too much to do this weekend. A lie in in the morning with the papers. Jill and I like to do the Guardian quiz. And I like to read the review section. Then in the afternoon off to Hastings for some brisk walking along the seafront. If the weather holds up I'm going to do a spot of gardening and mow the lawn. Then I'm going to cook a mushroom risotto, which I haven't made before, followed by Match of the Day and hopefully lots of points for my fantasy team, The Rye Flyers.
Sunday - sitting about and a football match on the TV. And possibly the gardening I didn't manage to do on Saturday. Jill's off to Nottingham in the evening. A busy time coming up with Jill whizzing about all over the place, including America.

7:42 PM  
Blogger Syl said...

All sounds quite nice to me for the weekend. Roger, If Jill should be in the Boston area then please let her know she is welcome to stay here. As long as it isn't between 20 Sept- 3 Oct. Would certainly welcome her! Like you...hate to sink to this level...but Mushroom Rissoto? tummy growling Hopefully Michael & Hazel would vouch that are at least civilised if a bit dorky.

7:50 PM  
Blogger archie said...

I wouldnt dream of calling you dorky! Ducky maybe? Perhaps even Dooky.
Well our weekend is trundling along nicely. I'm getting slowly sozzled on rum and coke and a nujmb bum from sitting on thos lumpy seat for too long doing this blog and serving the net!
hazel and Archie are watching some old cobblers on the telly.
have been trying to get some links for hazels new blog about toys. Its taken her ages to sort out.
They went out to the shops but i stayed in. they got some groceries and a strange magnifying clampy thing for the metal objects showcase exhibition at collage. Only 3 quid from the market.

5:13 PM  
Blogger michael said...

Hey Archie, you should be in bed! Staying up until all hours writing on peoples blogs with your cheeky comments!

5:18 PM  
Blogger Syl said...

Whew! Glad to know it's not Archie getting sozzled. Looks like Hazel's new blog is up & going, and your new Boot sound sales too! Yeah!!!!!

1:05 PM  

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