Thursday, September 09, 2004

Artist & Teacher

Artist & Teacher
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The teacher never knows the extent to which he influences the student. I believe a teacher can change one's life path. Have any memories of one that offered just the encouragement needed...or that misplaced unimaginative one that didn't know what creativity was? This picture is of a rare man(not well cooked, mind you) who helped a young artist dare to experiment in bold design not only on canvas but in his life. Trips to the Amazon..Columbia...eventually to be filmed in a documentary (soon out) in Sweden. They gathered here to exchange stories, and I, little fly on the wall, took camera in hand. was work today. Walked into the lobby...what!!! little antique chairs in center of the lobby, with HUGE flower arrangement. Normally this is barren land! Up to my floor to discover "We have company coming today!". New buyer of our hospital complex. Man running around dabbing paint on the lunch in the cafeteria...where am I? Replacing all our institutional grey metal fold-up chairs are these red-brown stained curved chairs upholstered with aqua blue. Looked lovely...but expect tomorrow they will all be whiled away and back to the metal gray foldups. What a farce!!! Later found out administration almost seizured when some fat visitor flopped down in one of the dainty antique chairs! Mr Big Wig made the rounds...actually very presentable...then...back to normal. Found out I have to precept the new Nursing School instructor tomorrow prior to her bringing students in. No problem...she will be set for the new year. Back home...mail from Luciano in Rome. Maybe we will meet him there...he recommends enjoying Rome slowly. Probably right, but in two days think these feet will be in High Speed gear. Took off my "The Lesson" it again and thought...OUCH!!! Get! Rain pelted us what's that little packet hanging from the back fence post??? Ah, best neighbor in the world...loaded us up with zucchini, cucumbers, yellow tomatoes, and some peppers! World may be topsy-turvie...but the good guys are out there. By the way, quite enjoyed Archies "Beano" pages...and think it is brilliant that he is learning to d/l, and make a website. Oh dear...they seem so much smarter than we were at that age. Loved Hazel's comment to blame it on Grandpa...We may be getting older but we've something to give yet, I'd say. cheers...


Blogger michael said...

I must admit I was annoyed that Archie had seemin gly abandoned his Comic capers blog so I've been downloading things for him. he just caught me and said he wanted to do more writing on it. most annoyed he was! So it worked- he'll continue with it now hopefully! naughty daddy!

5:21 PM  
Blogger Syl said...

No way, Michael...superb da you are. And good for Archie that he wants to learn to do it himself. Give him space, Michael...this lad will not disappoint you.

9:59 PM  

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