Thursday, October 14, 2004

I Come From The Earth

I Come From The Earth
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Well, it beats the Stork story!
Work was a typical day, not that any are typical. Then home to work on Mick Boyle mailart project. Posted that then looked at the list of projects still to do...Mama Mia!!! Not enough hours...Cat isn't eating and I am worried...Jonathan sings in my ear at something playing...Off tomorrow so will hit the "Gently Used" bookstore for more material for collages...Supposed to rain tomorrow but who cares...great day for browsing around those wonderful little shops, maybe trip to old toys store (a jewel!) and within walking distance a cool Indian restaurant for lunch! But for now, got to do the homework for those projects, and come up with dinner for a chilly New England night. Hmmm...vegetarian chilli?


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