Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Game of Chance Collage

Game of Chance Collage
Originally uploaded by Sylvia...Sometimes.
Wow...first day back at work after vacation is puuuuuuey! Great to see all my friends and co-workers though! It was a stark look at reality however...seeing how quickly the lives of my patients changed. Working on the Brain Injury unit may be challenging but it also has it's strange, funny side. Hearing "confession" from a priest...communicating with a Russian woman who speaks no English (amazing but we blunder through and giggle at our antics...and make it work!). So it was this stepping back and looking at what was going on that inspired this collage. But as fate ( or more likely ignorance!) would have it, I made it too large for my scanner so it lost several of the better parts. Petunias, I say!!! Have decided I either need to add a LARGE memorary card to computer, or just admit I need a whole new one! Any advise? Checked some blogs...see that Rogers "honeybunch" will soon be home. Can't say much as Jon calls me "Sweetie-doo"! And will likely throttle me for divulging that. Thoroughly enjoying your mailart archives, Michael...bejeebers you DO have a collection...and it's great stuff! Redsox are losing to NY as I type...#!**!!! And that was my day in old Bostontown.


Blogger Roger Stevens said...

Redsox losing to NY...

But England beat Azibizjizzijzn 1 - 0!!!!

Hurrah - we're top of the group in the World Cup qualifiers.

Great collage, too.

Yeah, Michael's the collage maestro. Probably snaffled some of Kurt Schwitters' genes when he was in England in the war.

3:53 PM  
Blogger Syl said...

Yeahhhh England...go World Cup!!! yeahhh Redsox...just go!
Oh, Michael's collages are phenomenal. Make my puny attempts so...
puny! But I have fun with it. Not sure what genes he has, but there's definitely in the mix in the pool somewhere! You seem a bit chirpier...wouldn't have anything to do with a certain person coming
home, would it? Thought I saw you doing a 2-step jig there!
Reading a Tom Clancy novel...he and Ludlum always manage to hold my
interest. But next will be something whimsicle and funny. Want a book that makes me hoot! Sorry, Roger, not in a poetry mood right now, although
yours are so unpredictable that I make an exception!
For the past week or so have spent way to much time checking out Ruud's site...amazing his collection. Oops...this is supposed to be a comment...not a blog!!! Silly me.

4:35 PM  
Blogger Syl said...

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4:35 PM  

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