Monday, August 30, 2004

Pets get better care than WE do

First thing this morning it was off to the vets...Kitty's first experience in "THE BOX"...that would be the carrier. Only one scratch for the effort! Got her shots then found out she has terrible teeth & may need abstractions!!! Yikes, pooor Kitty. But that appointment will be after we return from Italy. Darn bill cost more than my doctor's. Arrived home with Jonathan calling to check up on her. He taunts her terribly & needs a swack! But he's going shopping so good eats tonite...lamb chops, fresh corn, & gazpacho made from fresh garden veggies. Checked out the garden and another gladiola had plopped to the ground so rescued & now in living room. Plumbings gone bezerk...having to use a bucket of water to flush. Delightful!!! Guess Mr RotorRooter will have to pay a visit but can't for next 2 days as no one home during day. Back to work tomorrow so will be up at 5 AM. Actually enjoy that time of day watching the sun come up, hearing the birds wake. Tonite choice of Republican convention on the telly...or...FEAR FACTOR! Yeah! Then Coupling...then...zzzzzzz Niters.


Blogger michael said...

Abstractions?! Poor kitty, subject to the vile Frank Stella, Kenneth Noland and Barnett Newman's! I'll report you to the RSPCA!

6:52 AM  
Blogger Syl said...

Ha! Could be worse...Kitty could be wearing false teeth!

9:59 AM  

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