Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Psycho Cat

Cat cropped
Originally uploaded by Sylvia...Sometimes.
Hell's bells, says Jonathan, when we finally wake up and see the time. At the time out eyes are cracking open he should be at two places! Make coffee, need the caffeine to start hopping. He's off and I too my garden...weeding, resetting a few plants that have become lost in growth of their counterparts. Kitty spits...that means, this time, she wants food. Jealous dog also gets a treat and encouragement. She's an old fat little Corgie who likes to take off the hand, if offered. Sometimes I agree! Jonathan declared there must be food..what?! Off to the fish market to get shrimp & scallops...will spice them with herbs, saute, and add fresh corn and asparagus. Meantime, Kitty presents the side I don't want to see to me...whatever is she saying? Away kitty. But did catch her some time ago being evil in front of one of Jonathan's paintings and grabbed the camera. Neighbor just returned from cruise to Croatia, Budapest...that scene. Bullet holes..someone was a bad shot he says as they sprayed the side of a building. Beautiful scenery destroyed. Prices way up because now the Euro brings more than US dollar. "It was an experience," he says...and glad to be back. Brought back..sneaked..a salami and some liquor which he says will last him 15 years. He's a Greek artist..very nice work...his wife, Sybil is yelling at him that we have a beautiful garden and they have the Cat comes and gets in my face...purring. Then leaps through the air...that is supposed to tell me she is hungry, I've learned. Feed the cat...feed the dog...feed the human lunch. Jonathan on highway between jobs. He's going everywhere today..helter shelter. Home, he again checks with Delta to work out renue for Italy trip. They can't come up with better so we have until Saturday to recheck then confirm for Italy. Whatever, come September well be there for the first time. Appears most in Florence and a day or so in Rome. Trying to make sure cat & dog have all the needed papers for "camp" as we call boarding. When we arrive home, Susan will be sporting a bandana and will be all beautified. Cat...well first time so we shall see. Already I feel fall in the air. Not ready yet to see snow yet...put me in the warm sea somewhere and let me scuba and check out the fish! Back to reality...time to fed her man...and the "kids" stalk us hoping for a handout. Niters, all.


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