Saturday, August 21, 2004

Blah...Blah Day

Work today...bizarre. Starts with terribly obese patient, new, needing IV fluids...only one little vein left as it! New blood in urine...have to delve into a cave to place a new catheter for continuous irrigation. Whew...sweated bullets but success. Daughter, a nurse, thought she was the doctor...had to orient her to reality. Grab a fast lunch, only to be asked by another floor nurse to start IV time but did it anyway...try to see my patients again only to be asked if I would start another IV...the patient there said he was "retarded"...told him he wasn't that severe and he knew the routine. New IV started. Finally time for home...freak thunderstorm makes it almost impossible to see. Navigate irregardless and arrive safely...only to see cat & dog are freaked by the thunder/lightning. Jon is frustrated because his printer isn't working...over & over...he finally figured out the problem & "Rests In Peace"...meaning swearing has ebbed. Letter from sister says some of her work has been published by a site. She's talented and eventually her work will make a difference, but for now...hey, she's getting the work out. Trying to come up with new inspiration for mail-art project...not sure whether to work from one of my photos or collage it or paint/collage. Storms over now...somehow each day takes care of itself. If the day was challenging...well, we learned & I hope made the best use of it. If reincarnation exist, my new mission, should I choose to accept it, is...Patience. Cheers.


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