Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Sometimes it breaks the heart...

Working in the Brain Injury unit, I see many CVA (stroke) patients. Unfortunately, most will never know the lives they knew before. But some come so close. There is a dear feisty lady who has captured my heart. She only wishes to be able to go to her life-time home. Today, she had a "home visit" with one of our Physical Therapists to evaluate her ablility to live alone there. Weak, frightened, trying too hard...it was obvious she would not be safe there alone. Her children are far away and can't/won't help. I wanted to cry for her ...yet it my job to encourage and help her to find the positive aspects of this new life . Most of her happy moments in the future will be in her memories. Yet I heard an interesting quote..."Change is not death. Fear of change is death." I believe that and know she too will find new interests, new friends, new laughs. I think of Roger's poem and it's lovely bizarre brilliance, the Father bringing in sand, making his own sun, and creating his own reality. We can all do that, I believe, and if it differs from that of another, yet brings us happiness...then I say "Where to next, Dad?"


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