Thursday, September 02, 2004

Dellafiora envelope.jpg a

Sometimes getting mail can be such fun...even before you look inside the packet. One of the reasons I love mail-art. This is one I received from D. Dellafiora & I thought he did a brilliant job. Normally I would add something else then repost, going back & forth but this one I kept. Inside was a collage we've been working on. Brisk sunny day here...perfect for a walk about, running errands & hopefully a cheap find for upcoming trip. Discussed (argued with, according to Jon) upcoming election. Garden has a lovely coral Glad opening up...always fun to see results from your planting. At work we often get goodies from the families of patients but yesterday someone brought in a huge basket of lovely homegrown cucumbers! We laughed but that basket was empty in no time. Will have nice cucumber sandwich for lunch today! Off I go for errands...


Blogger hazel said...

What a lovley envelope. david has come up trumps there!
Not much in the old mail bag today. Some holiday photos from our trip to London etc. and a nice letter and ancient looking metal nail? from Adele who does the terrific Lucky Penny project.

10:12 AM  

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