Monday, September 06, 2004

The Soccer King..

The Soccer King..
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Today was brilliant in that the sun had that white-light resonance that happens this time of year. Cool temps...refreshing! Off later than we planned to Harvard Square...first to the Global Bookstore for maps & reading material about Rome. Then to a Thai restaurant for a different cuisine...way too much food offered on the plate but excellent fare. Shopping next and lucky for me Jonathan was about to help. Found a great jazzy pair of walking shoes (my toe was poking out the others) and then for a new lime green top which he found for me at 1/2 price. Perfect! Strolled around just taking in all the new kids arriving for Fall Semester...everyone had cameras snapping away, & I for a change had none. Finally, Jon walked me to the car as I still manage to get lost, then he off to the Plough and I back home to check out the German mailart site. Too many projects I want to get started on...never enough time. Will have to speak to God about that...only 24 hrs a day?!!! Got a new wav.-from the old Benny Hill Show...called Wacky Waaacky or something like that. Hilarious! And one of those silly toones that manage to stick in ones head! Til later...


Blogger michael said...

Alas cant see the Soccer king at the moment for reasons I'm not sure of. Hopefully later. Sounds like a nice evenings stroll. Are all the leaves turning a nice browny russet yellowy greeny yet- or do you have to wait until October?
We have just downloaded the same benny Hill tune- what a coincidence! We used it on a slide show in iphoto to see hazel's latest snaps of the marbury park walk with Archie running off down an avenue of trees. one almost expected benny and some scantily clad ladies to go running after him!

3:13 AM  
Blogger hazel said...

It is hard getting around to reading all these Blogs.
Yours was great to read ..and nice legs there Jonathan.
Sounds a lovely day.

5:03 PM  

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