Monday, November 22, 2004

Betty Boop #1

Betty Boop #1
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Oop oop pa doo. Been that kinda of day. Jonathan's van back in the shop again...arggggh. So he's borrowed the car and left me here to play. The intention was for me to tidy up...but you know what happens when you start moving things around...diversion. Darn
little camera just jumped into me hands. The result of which is pictures of everything.
Mail is late...tapping toes here.
Made myself a wonderful scrambled egg & scallion sandwich on sourdough bread. But 3 eggs is WAY too much food so Sue got the left-overs.
Jon popped back in an van only had a hose problem? No charge so he's off again.
Huge piece of newspaper blew into tree outside window, snagged. REALLY driving me nuts, like a picture hanging ajar on the wall. Do I want to lean out the 2nd story window & try to grab that bugger?
Maybe later.
Time to check on Stan & Ollie.


Blogger swapatorium said...

Gosh, do I ever know about the cleaning/diversion thing! I start off with a bang, but then I find something that I haven't looked at in ages. I'm sucked into a timeless void only to look at the clock when I am done and find that three hours have passed (same thing happens when I make collage). Then I tell myself, "there's always tomorrow to clean." Aw heck Syl, we only live once. Have fun. Right?

1:12 PM  
Blogger Syl said...

You got that right, Snap!
Your pictures of your home & work
areas always look so unbelievably
organised & sparkly...I know it
doesn't get that way without a lot
of work on your part. But all the
while you stay creative...and ENJOY
it. That's the way to do it, I think!

5:08 PM  

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