Sunday, November 21, 2004

Preparing For The Day collage

Oh dear, so much to do at the
start of day, with peepers slowly
plowed open with coffee or tea. Wake up up Jonathan. Chilly
day, thick with mist. Too bad, as those alliums MUST be planted. Happen to have a handy dibble though that speeded up the process, so job accomplished. Catch a glimpse out the window of a very fat cardinal...thanks, I hope, to a newly filled birdfeeder. Does that mean a "hard" winter? Thrilled to hear that we shall be the proud owner of a Mickey Mouse hall light (thanks, Snap!). The birthday party yesterday actually was amusing...some very bright kids about! Somehow, as the 3 year old was opening her loot for the day, it came up that almost nothing was made in the USA anymore. Everyone started pulling at their clothes, checking tags...China has replaced Japan as the major exporter it seems. Levi's...Mexico...Converse sneakers...China (and they squeak!). Made me wonder about the work conditions in these countries. Thankfully, England still makes our boots!!! Oh, even Olive Oyl now made in China.
Snap, bought fresh eggs to photograph Mr. Beane's snot...gonna have to be quick though...the ghastly thing actually works!
Worked on photos and collages...visited Litsa Spathi's nicely done. Curled up to read some more of Roger's poems from "Searching For Blue Sea Glass" only to have Kat pounce on my chest and do her eyeball to eyeball talk is not my forte evidently and she soon found the window overlooking the trees more interesting. I am sure it was NOT the birds she was staring at.
Antique Roadshow coming I'm outta here.


Blogger Roger Stevens said...

The photo no longer exists?


6:11 AM  
Blogger Syl said...

And with just one little...abracadabra!

9:49 AM  

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