Saturday, November 20, 2004

Bern Porter Tribute

Bern Porter Tribute
Originally uploaded by Sylvia...Sometimes.
For tonite, a poem by Bern...
"No More Anymore"
I don't have anything to do with you anymore
(that is anymore I don't)
If you come over be sure to call me up first
(cause I don't have anything to do with you anymore!)
I surely don't have anything to do with you anymore
When the dentist of mine drilled, filled, cleaned my teeth,
upers and lowers, you didn't pay him
When my under-body-spray-for-rust man treated the bottome sides of my dear four
door car you didn't pay him nothing at all!!
When the rent came due on my little big nest at the Birches yo didn't pay it
When the yard goods shop had a sale you didn't buy any, none at all
(As I said, its no more anymore)
When you didn't pay two hundred dollars more for
our wedding ring
I didn't like it so very much
When you didn't, you didn't
And you didn't didn't, didn't you?
So I don't have anything to do with you
With you, anymore

Bern was not subtle...or
necessarily gentle. But he
abraided one to think, to communicate.
To me, mailart is all about communication...not with words but our
images. I am amazed at Ruud Janssen's efforts in worldwide networking. Visit IUOMA and you will have a glimpse into this vast ever-growing network. Michael Leigh has certainly added art and humor.
They all encourage the expression of art. And help define it's many aspects.
So I would yourself in whatever form...and share.


Blogger michael said...

I got a nice book from bern back in the 80's. I must have replied but our short lived correspondence dried up for some reason. nevermind. he seemed like an interesting man and was sorry to hear that he died in relative poverty. nice photo of him?

5:07 AM  
Blogger Syl said...

Yes, it's Bern.
Jonathan & I were just talking
about the many mailartist over the
years that have either died or have
gone on to other things. Then there
are the "backbone" people like you, Ruud,
Anna Banana, Pat Collins, Mark Pawson,
Michael Greenfield, Keith Bates-you know
the list-that are tremendously active.
Especially with www now, it is easy to
share and reach so many people. But I still
find the biggest thrill in snail-mail. When
Jon & I ask "Any mail today?" we mean the
good stuff-mailart!

7:37 AM  

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