Thursday, January 20, 2005

Welcome To Planet Artichoke

A wild & hairy coupla days! 5 PM last nite, Jon calls saying his van just went kerplunk...mind you there's a snow storm out there and temp near zero. He had called AAA who said they would be there in 30 or so minutes. One hour later, he's still sitting there. More calls, more promises. Two hours later, still sitting. He wouldn't leave the vehicle because it was in a tow zone! Three hours later, I drove over to where he was hoping to at least give him a warm place to wait. Just as I arrived, so did the wrecker. Jon hopped in my car, feet frozen. We met the wrecker at Vinny's, making sure all was secure then finally home at 9:30 PM. A late dinner, bit of TV then read outselves into oblivion.
Up this van for today so his work day shot. Mailed off Gee Whiz to Roger (a collaborative collage booklet with Roger Stevens & A1wastedpapiers), then we ran errands. Jon bought more birdseed and it's been like "INCOMING!!!" every since. Don't know how they survive out there! Finally he drove to the Plough while I worked on collages & mail. That darn cat (I say that with love) has stopped eating again! It's feast or famine with her so to vets...again...tomorrow.
Hey, hey, hey...did I mention it was the speakers and not the new computor that needed replacing. So thanks to Pro Sound I can again enjoy Bootsalesounds!!!
Time to start dinner...sorry vegetarians, but that hen is going into the pot without guilt...well, only a little!
One last thought...know that classic Christmas song, supposed to offer comfort, called "Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire"? Does anyone ever EAT the things? I've only heard of them being used as weapons...strung together and used to bop people!
Wherever you are, stay warm & safe...and if you see AAA, stick out yer tongue...but only if you're not waiting for them to pick you up!


Blogger michael said...

Alcoholics Absolutely Anonymous? Surely not. No the horse chestnut is for fightin g with and ordinairy chestnut is the delicious one you make into stuffings or nut roats, yummy. or just baked in an oven or on in the fire embers. My dad used to line them up along the grate top and they cooked lovely in about ten minutes. Gorgeous with some stilton and a pint of port!

4:56 PM  
Blogger Roger Stevens said...

Chestnuts are yummy. They make good stuffing too.

It's been very cold here - but no snow. We had a bit yesterday but it was really sleet. Then it stopped.

Looking forward to Gee Whizz!

11:07 AM  
Blogger Syl said...

a PINT?!! of port? oh, rolllllllll me over!
making me hungry you are!
How are your new book efforts going,
Roger? Can't wait to read and see
Michael's illustrations too!

3:56 PM  

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