Tuesday, March 08, 2005

In Dreams One Can Go Anywhere collage

Looked out the window...snow whipping by like I've never seen it before! That lump on the ground might be you before you were reported missing!
But way earlier than that I started the "F" day...full of surprizes, that is...but fill in at will. Cell phone started quacking at me...message! Since I'd hardly begun my morning coffee I was slow on the draw. Try to hear message and phone is frozen like last years expense account! Do I really want to hear it ring? Nope...today I want to be invisible...so was gonna go tomorrow. Now, winter storm so will be incommunicata...not really. Otherworld, land phones about the place for emergency. Unless you are dead, don't call. So, on to read about Roger's latest trip to Italy...Rome this time.
His impression was about the same as mine. Some wonderful things there BUT...
see his poem here. Made some collages...trekked to the market...read a bit of Dylan's book. NOT in the mood...decided to take a look at Museum of Useful Things. Nothing useful at the moment. Hear man sounds that a meal would be nice. Guess I'm off!
Somewhere in your day...take time to dream. Hey! wake up, you!


Blogger michael said...

Archies off to school so have the place to myself. He went to the school disco last night. Someone spat chewing gum at him and another threatened to duff him up outside but otherwise he seemed to enjoy it. He's learning to play the guitar now influenced by Roger and franz ferdinand no doubt. What's a good name for a guitar band? he said as he was packing his school books. Err, how about Dennis the Peril? No, someone who's died, like Franz Ferdinand. How about Henry the 8th? etc. etc.

3:49 AM  
Blogger Syl said...

Danger, Will Robinson!!! That Archie will soon be having band rehearsals at yer place!!!This young man is growing up at quite a pace....grab hold to your hat, Michael!!! On second thought, you'll probably be there recording them!

5:18 PM  

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