Friday, February 11, 2005

Ruud Janssen 25th yr Postcard

Hey, Ruud, thanks so much. This postcard, celebrating Ruud's 25 years worth of contributing to the growth and networking of mailartist, is a wonderful piece. The picture here doesn't do justice to the lush layers of paint, with the bronze areas a subtle shimmer. Lovely. Now I need to do a little something in return!
Back to Somerville, the snow alert turned out to be more ice than snow so out WAY too early to scrap and do the winter thing. Then hussled to work where the gods deemed I needed a normal day. Able to leave on time...yes! Home, but Jon had been brilliant on chores then absconded to the Plough. He deserved it. Tried to see what I should do here, but drawn by a magnetic force to the computer where I found invite for "Winter of Discontent" collage from grocky. Collage"!!! Could write a book! Heart I feverish? No, I think it's called collagitist. Projects to do and a weekend to work on them...sigh. And Valentine's Day coming up...;-) Am told I'll be taken out for a special dinner that nite...five years plus may not seem very long, but it's also forever it seems. Nice to be spoiled on occasion, and amazing we two strange souls (the artists' temperament is not to be ignored) have neither hidden a body in the cellar nor grown flowers over a "well fertilized" garden! Actually we are more likely to collapse in giggles, forgetting the movie we are watching, and remembering life's little calamities. Picture Jon reaching out for a hug and his chair, in slow motion, tossing him into the mail shredder. Or another meal I've prepared, half from the kitchen, half from the computer room..."Oh!" he bravely says..."Lovely charcoal! Shall I use the chisel or the hammer?". No wonder the poor man makes Tiny Tim look like Paul Bunyon! Teasing of course as he's strong as an ox.
Article in the paper today showing picture of Christo's "The Pont Neuf Wrapped". 450,000 suare feet of woven polyamide fabric used to wrap the 12 arches of Pont-Neuf in central Paris. Interesting because we have signed postcard of the Pont-Neuf of original arches by Cristo. Can't imagine a project of that size!
Well, work to do and a man to better pay attention here. A charcoaled hotdog might be pushing the limits?
Wheverever you are...don't forget those you love...yeah, that Valentine's thingy!
Hugs to all.


Blogger michael said...

Theyve changed all the comments again to confuse me. They did that at Flickr too! I wish they would'nt.
Its my 25 years in the old mail art business too. Maybe i should celebrate with another blog? or something? I'll have to give it some thought.
Anyway, hugs to you two also, have a happy valentines day.

5:36 PM  
Blogger Syl said...

Michael, I absolutely think you should do something that acknowleges 25 yrs worth of contributions to mailart! My little bit there is like a flea on a dog...your work is the real thing. I would certainly like to contribute to your celebration!
Happy Valentines to you, Hazel, and Archie! xxx

6:33 PM  

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