Thursday, February 03, 2005

Taking Care of Business collage a

Oh, nice to sleep in! Actually, Jon beat me up this morning...already had collected the paper and was well into his cup of coffee! We decided to stay in and catch up on mailart, collages, and general maintenance here...but that only worked for a while before Jon was antsy for his daily walk. Found some photos Michael had sent from our trip there...might be showing a few. Ruud Janssen emailed that I pestered him enough to get one of his 25 years cards...just teasing Ruud! And I've been trying to come up with something appropriate to send back in return. Pleased to see John M Bennett's piece I did arrived on Five Million Copies, and Madge found a home on kenbmiller's site. Nice piece of Michael Leigh's there too! Hate that for some reason my blog will no longer let me have nedstat or links without throwing the whole site ablunder, but hey...doesn't really matter. Roger Stevens says the collaborative between he, A1 wastedpapiers, and myself arrived (sorry I took so long!). Think we might be close to finishing this, so eager to see final's almost 3D considering the personalities!
Watching that mail as Ed Giecek has something coming, and oh, I LOVE his eraser carvings! Talk about detail and just plain talent!
Art Naphro the orphan has long been a favorite for his collages, but thrilled to see some of his paintings. We all have our personal taste in art, and his appeals to me.
Dog is snoring, Jon is patiently waiting for better get a move on.
Where ever you safe, be happy.


Blogger michael said...

We are collapsed after a huge curry i made due to popular demand. Archie still not eating much and left his half mauled. Cough, cough! Poor boy still not his usual self. Maybe we should have taken him to the docs for some antibiotics. he seemed to be getting better by Friday. I spoke to my ssiter today on the telling bone and she said her grandchildren had coughs too and they seemed to be coughing for a fortnight so maybe we are worrying too much.
Anyway, good that the collab. booklet will be wending it's way and will be finalised soon. i look forward to it too. I don't do enough of that kind of thing these days.
Still trying to find time to do some drawings for Roger's book. Hazel showed me some student work today - nice sillohette? illustrations with a hint of red and pink in the them. reminded me of that great animator Lotte Reiniger who used to be on in the 60's on TV. before your time ofcourse but i have fond memories of those little films about folk tales and the look of shadow puppets about them.

3:05 PM  
Blogger Syl said...

Michael, I don't know how you find time to do all you do! No wonder you've cut back in a few areas...but I've seen some of your wonderful paintings(which is usually better than a picture of the painting), postcards, and of course collages, and in each of those you excel. Not meant as flattery, just my opinion. Oh had to mention your curry!!! Can almost smell those spicey aromas in the air. Mine is good, thanx to the recipe you & Hazel shared...yours is better.
The Lotte Reiniger films sound super...miss the old animated cartoons tho some newer ones (Nemo, etc) I love..."Hey, gimme some nogging!". New mail from Ed Giecek which I'll put on flickr...oh, and a few postcards and or pics of yours too, if you don't mind?
Say hello to Hazel...sure hope the new conservatory goes up without a hitch and she can happily invent her goodies! And that Archie, poor boy...sure he'll be better soon but tell him hi and can't wait to see some of his animations!
Take care.

6:12 PM  
Blogger michael said...

Trying to put Archie's animations on a "showreel"but the 6 i sent to Martha at the Shopping ~trolley gallery ( shes adopted ~Archie as a surrugate grandchild!) only one was able to be seen for some reason.
How annoying!
Anyway, Archie si a little better today so hopefullly - finger s and toes crfossed- he will be at school tomororow. Please! please! he want sto go to the vaslentines disco tomorrow night i think and this has spurred him on to be well again. cough cough!
hazel has just finished a big pile of ironing and gone to soak in the bath. just watched the last ten minutes of a tedious football match where there were no goals and everyone looked like they were alseep! freindlies- who needs 'em!

Anyway, sorry to hear Jon is "beating you up" in the mornings. hes such a bully!

5:36 PM  
Blogger Roger Stevens said...

Yeah! You mustn't let Jon beat you up!

Off to Yorkshire tomorrow for a school visit on Friday. Had a good day today in terms of writing. Have even found some time to work on Gee Whizz - not to mention Ed's Dylan tribute.

Still snowing? Still dreaming?

6:10 PM  
Blogger Syl said...

Sure the students in Yorkshire are in for a treat!
Your writing seems to be working quite well Roger...reflective, observant with a keen eye
as always, with humor popping in at unexpected places...find myself roaring at the images!!!
Will keep an eye on Ed's site for your piece there...
he's just having a ball with the site.
And, gee whiz, try to find time to do yer magic
with Gee Whiz!
Take care in your traveling.

6:23 PM  

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