Saturday, January 29, 2005

He's Our Darlin'

He's Our Darlin'
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Big Al Davies has a big talent...plays too many instruments & fooled me...thought he had the band there...was him! He also has a great sense of humor and let me terribly collage him here. Sort of an ongoing joke between several of we more outrageous folks.
Michael Leigh first introduced Jon & me to blogging...and it's been such a fantastic way to connect to others, mostly but not always, involved in art. Using my definition of art...anything anyone creates. It's also mind-boggling to connect to people world-wide so instantly...I struggle because it is very satisfying to see things "in progress" yet even more so to get REAL mail where who knows what it might contain. Mailart, to me, is correspondence with a twist...a person's response to any given subject. In it's way, it documents today's world. Whoa, not such uneventful times either!
Back to daily living...well we went to Chinatown...had dim sum...not sure what a single thing I ate was...don't ask, don't tell...but thoroughly tasty and fascinating place to "people watch"...I did notice as we made our way back to the car that no dogs were to be seen in this neighborhood! Over to the Institute of Contemporary Art to catch a show on Artists Painting Artists...really interesting Nan Goldin film clip on her "Queens" series...from a period when she lived with several sexually altered men into stunning women...these were rich and felt intimate...later, after formal training she was advised to go back and re-shoot some of these subjects using wide-lens, filters, and other more professional tools. They lacked the energy and close insight...for she no longer had the personal contact she needs to make her wonderful pictures.
There's the old saying I've heard about have to write about something you know...and I really think it applies in art, music, any medium.
Afterwards, several collage efforts to try to compose...and a decision to separate my work into distinct catagories...strictly cut and paste, multi-medium, and those digitally manipulated as I love what Gursky has accomplished.
By the way, my computor knowlege appears to be nil when it comes to HTML language. Anyone know where the heck you put the "code" from Flickr on the blog template? Keep moving it around but messes up the alignment! HELP!
Buz Blurr has new mailart call...Ed Giecek already has fab entry...still mulling here...could be worse, could be mulleting.
Til later, not a bad night to do the Rolling Thunder Revue.


Blogger michael said...

Nice to read your blog again. You seems to be getting on well with it. I dont know if the Flickr sidebar thing is important really - does anybody really look at it i ask myself? I stuck it right down the bottom above the " by blogger" logo html bit. I tried the new flashy one and it went horribly wrong so dont know what i did to annoy it!

4:13 AM  
Blogger Syl said...

OH, the flashy thing looks great, Michael...
nothing fancy here but might give the code
a go where you suggested...thanx!

6:21 PM  
Blogger Ed Giecek said...

Ahhhhh... "Rolling Thunder Review" --My favorite Dylan era! Enjoy!!!

1:50 PM  
Blogger Syl said...

you know, we play lots of music here, and
occasionally make it, but somehow Dylan always
figures in...he's just awesome...then & now!
And watching for that envelope from you! ;-)

8:34 PM  

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