Wednesday, January 26, 2005

My Big Feet

My Big Feet
Originally uploaded by Sylvia...Sometimes.
ok, it was a choice between
my big feet and my big mouth.
Yes, snow is's
also cold enough to freeze a
witches and if
I shovel one more load I'm gonna
enter the next Charles Atlas look-alike.
Peter Wolf is crooning...the man is
good, no doubt about it! Actually ran
almost literally into him coming out of
the grocers a few weeks back but left the man in peace...besides he NEEDS to eat more. Want a good listen? Fools Parade is lovely. Poetry in music...reminds me of Roger Stevens, who does such an interesting mix of both. Roger, feed the poor can share those peanuts!
Eleven bean soup stewing away...and nae, I didn't count...would they lie, I ask? Oh sure, that's "marketing"...
Also wondering why some market research has sent me a years supply of spray bathroom cleaner! Have the neighbors been complaining? All together now..."we love chemicals, yes we do...we don't care what harm you do"...oh yeah, a little crecendo there please.
Something you should do...enter the International Mailart Show...PANAFEST 2005-GHANA, West Africa. Theme...the fight against HIV/AIDS. A little upset that a bit of education and available medication could save lives...well they won't get either unless the wale raises high enough and here's yer chance. Questions? email me...we can and have actually made a difference at pressure, lol.
As I sit next to the air-conditioner that I've plasticised, toweled, and finally slung a beach towel over to keep away those nasty snot stalagtites,
I say...somewhere in this universe it must be at least 20 degrees...ahhhhhhh, heat wave. If you live there, toast your buns...well of course I meant hotdog buns! Snuggle up...Baby, it's cold outside!


Blogger Roger Stevens said...

Peeeeeeeenuts! Dah dah dah dum diddi deee
- dah dah dah dum deedle dee

6:31 PM  
Blogger Syl said...

Peanuts, indeed! you teaser...
poor starving birdies when you've
got the goods!

7:12 PM  

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