Friday, March 18, 2005

Envelope to Roger Stevens Mar 2005 a

Listening to Groucho Marx sing "Lydia" as I type, thanks to Michael. Last few days we've had brilliant blue skies and my spirits have emerged from hibernation. Finally completed my part of Gee Whiz so up to the post office. oops, 30 cents short so bought a sheet of Dr Seuss and squeezed it in. The clerk had fun too and barely touched the cancellation stamp on postage...but she missed Seuss totally, Roger ;-)
Also got the redesigned tee shirt card off to Italy and only beginning work on The Path of Peace project in UK. Not enough to complete collages for CK group yet...will work on it as it always has high quality work and a great group of people. Collage Kids, for those who don't know, is administered by A1 (Michael) and Snapatorium (Angelica). They have set up a terrific format, with someone in the group coming up with two themes to work on every 2 weeks or so. What makes it special is that it is only collage made from cut and paste(glue), not using other program enhancers. Takes me back to my old school days when the fun part of the day Teacher would drag out paper, mags, etc and say something like "Make an Easter card for your Mum and Dad". Love it.
Jon has been wanting a porkpie so I made my first...even the crust from scratch. Turned out very tasty...whew. Didn't know if I would end up with a brickette or a soggy mess but it crisped and browned fine.
Trying to make vacation plans...decide whether to visit UK or Montreal. Jon's come out of the winter season with both feet running...very busy. Good thing but hard to take off time too. We'll see. I'm still bratty I suppose-I want to do both!
Found courtesy notice on windshield of car...street sweeping begins 1st April. They will tow you away if you are on the wrong side of the street. Parking is at such a premium here, even when both sides of street can be used, that everyone frantically dashes out at the last minute...hoping a space might have opened up! That's Boston for you.
Time to take a walk in the garden area...hey, in normal shoes NOT snowboots, for the first time in months. Start planning additions. Eager to see what late planted bulbs are peeking through. Recharge the birdfeeder.
Then off to the market cause I'm working this weekend. I protest the 24 hour day! How's a person to do everything?
Best get going then. Where ever you are, wiggle yer ears and have a great day.


Blogger Roger Stevens said...

Looking forward to Gee Whizz!

Spring is peeking over our hedges, too. The garden is calling. It says - Mow my lawn, dig my vegetable patch, sow my seeds - what are you doing indoors on your computer on a Sunday when you could be enjoying some fesh air and a physical workout?

What indeed.

7:23 AM  
Blogger Syl said...

We are creatures of habit, don't you know? And blogging way too much most likely...but it is fascinating! There is something relaxing, grubbing about in the

3:42 PM  
Blogger Roger Stevens said...

Well, the lawn is mown. The front lawn at least. And I've pruned the roses and tidied up the lavender and the greenhouse.

This morning we had four female pheasants and a male pheasant hanging around, enjoying the seed.
It's great here in the country.

Tonight my course finished. Just have to check the students' work (there are only four) and write a report on them. Cheers! (Sips a glass of port.)

5:21 PM  
Blogger Syl said...

Now don't you feel all better!
Ahhhh, the country...nice indeedy. Why anyone would prefer concrete to green hills is beyond me...except, panic attack...there's something about the city! I need to be amused.
I grow lavendar also...dry it and put about the linens. Ok, well, once. But I was fesh air only available there?

6:47 PM  

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