Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Love That Jazz! ATC

Love That Jazz! ATC
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Mailman was good today...great packet from Michael Leigh, including Bjorg CD. If you haven't heard her "One Day", you're missing something hot!
Posted 4 packets, mostly with traded ATC's. Can't just send it out in a plain envelope-boring (and reserved for Mr. Bill Man ;-P!
You bet I love jazz, whick prompted this ATC. Thanks to Michael who found the music to Jazzbo Ball and put a link. If you want to hear, click on the pic.
Jonathan was to send off his painting...found at at last minute the crate was too small. Rushed to home depot for supplies then I've never heard such carrying on. Actually, he is quite good at building things, but his patience...bahama mama!!! Finally, he got that off and had earned a trip to the Plough, our friendly Irish Pub in Cambridge.
Best be off...tonite's dinner...prosciutto, cepes, and parmesan pasta. Chow! er ciao!


Blogger michael said...

Glad you liked the Bjork. Definately an aquired taste but one I aquired a few years back. Not keen on all she does but can't help but admire her spirit of adventure and experimentation. Her film debut is supposed to be good too but havent seen that yet.
This is a great ATC and i was pleased to find that Jazzbo track in Dogpile - a useful resourse for music and images too.
Sounds like a nice meal. I've just made Archie an fried egg on toast as he gets peckish about 5p.m. but will bake some postatoes for later when Hazel gets home and have some salad and tuna with them.

12:34 PM  
Blogger Syl said...

Aw, Michael, you are ssuch a good Dad! Archie is a fortunate young man.
Mailed you a packet today by the way...few days later than planned! You know pokey me.
Dogpile...I shall check it out as ALWAYS looking for good music and images, though most I admit I just d/l right off your site! You have a broad taste in music which a love.
Gardened a bit today-warm & sunny-but more like weeding. We have an ongoing battle with the bamboo which would move right in if we let it!
Hello to all.

1:42 PM  

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