Sunday, April 24, 2005

Recent Favs

Recent Favs
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I find I am rather infatuated with the internet, especially flickr. Why? because it is so diverse and offers the ultimate dessert. The day started off stormy...I elected to ignore that and pretend it was a brilliant day. Folk music filled the house. nae, I'm not talking jingles and jangles of yesterday but today's folk and jazzy stuff that gets you going! Worked on collage and mailart to go out...and was invited to view a nude series from an extraordinary photographer. Awed by the eyes that say they have seen tragedy, empowered by the hand that shows such strength, humbled by the beauty of the human's flaws only adding to the realization that life is not perfection but a process of refinement.
Having said that, I see that the empowered hand needs to be preparing dinner, and the humbled beauty of my legs would welcome the lawnmower. Yes, my eyes have seen tragedy...most recently looking at the stack of bills to get out. I don't mean irreverance...I do understand true tragedy. I am just dealing with today. And today, the pidgeons decided my freshly washed car was...
So what was your day like? Ohhhhhhh...


Blogger Roger Stevens said...

We have two oak trees at the end of the garden by the garage (which is full of junk) where we park the cars. And the birds love to sit in the trees and make interesting white patterns on the cars.
Thought you'd like to know that.

9:25 AM  
Blogger Syl said...

Thank you, keep me very well informed.
How is your music CD coming along? Almost complete? YOu know you'll have to send me a copy!!! I'll pay of I found your other CD to be absolutely amusing and wonderful.
Ta all til later.

9:09 AM  

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