Friday, April 15, 2005

Tell Me ATC

Tell Me ATC
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Be careful what you ask for! Thought I wanted to sleep in as I was up way too late, so Jon didn't wake me. Now I am up, it's a brilliant sunny day...and I feel like I've wasted half of it!
Making a few ATC's and have to get some off in the post. This one mailed to Michael yesterday. A great way to get some original miniature art pieces by some very gifted people!
Discussing taking a week long camping trip to the Acadia National Park in Maine. Awesome country...but we've not ever camped together, or at all for not sure if an adventure or misadventure.
Off to check off those items on the TO DO is make more coffee!
Cheers, all!!!


Blogger michael said...

I owe you an ATc for this one Syl but i can't remember which one?? help! Its all getting very confusing - my poor old addled anti-biotic brain cant cope!

3:35 AM  
Blogger Syl said...

You are making and trading so many, Michael...I am not that productive.
It was "The Postman" you traded for this one I think. The guy being carried piggyback, carrying a letter.
Still on antibiotics? ewww, poor fella!

5:36 AM  
Blogger Syl said...

Work was a killer...and next week the dirt will fall where it will as they come to inspect and disect us! Ha! I am off...a break. so I had charge of the unit an hour late taking care of details...home to see the neighbor (an artist), sweatband already in use, clearing the garden. Well, he says, would you like to spend 3 weeks in Greece come Sept? He and friends are taking an excursion...he speaks Greek and knows this land so beautifully...I am totally drawn in...once in a lifetime adventure! Price is right...and totally would zone in on this. We shall see.
Coupla days off...have a few ideas for collage I look forward to working on. God...I so well know I am a Sun person. And let me tell you...there are sunny days ahead. Hope it's the same for you!

8:29 PM  
Blogger michael said...

Thanks again Syl for fantastic parcel of goodies that arrived today! Hazel just came home and was delighted with the robot and the tin tape dispenser/container. Archie thoguht it was a bit of a girly robot but then again ,he would - boys eh?
Drizzly here this morning but I managed to walk into town as the builders didnt show up as predicted so hopefully tomorrow.
These anti-biotics dont seem as strong as the ones before so no woozy spells today thank goodness. I found Archie a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon book in a charity shop and got some blank CD-R's cheap in another place. Also a Spike Milligan biography that I will start as soon as I"ve finished the Bob dylan (gosh I'm so s-l-o-w!)
Archie is quicker book guzzler than me now and buys a new novel every week to plough through! Which is amazing considering a year ago he only read the Beano and nothing else!

3:13 PM  
Blogger Syl said...

Michael, glad it arrived and hope there was something to amuse. Sorry but I agree with Archie...girlie Robot! Have to find something appropriate for him...but I'm not brilliant on young men. Help? As I do want to include him. Glad he's a reader...and I'm sure he is exposed to such a broad variety of material from Hazel and yerself. Hazel...this was WAY too late. Darn builder needs to get things hopping've been patient enough, I say. Good luck and hope your new space is what you want.
Take care and stay well...

8:00 PM  
Blogger Roger Stevens said...

When you say camping - how primitive is that? A tent and a sleeping bag or a sultan's palace? Curious...

12:57 PM  
Blogger Syl said...

Well, a tent and sleeping bag, and coleman burner for tea or coffee. That's the extent of our ruggedness, I'm afraid. Probably scoot to the nearest restaurant for meals. This is rugged lovely country so most of the time we shall have camera in hand. But...okay, we are spoiled...we'll seek a bit of luxury if we can. If we do this, we have decided only for a long weekend...Montreal will most likely be the real vacation. Maybe not the Sultan's Palace, but a bit more amenable. We tend to be antsy...and Montreal has a very nice botanical garden or arboretum, art museums, fabulous cuisine, and lots of little shops to browse. So...what do you prefer for holidays?

6:33 PM  
Blogger hazel said...

THANKyou for the wonderful package Syl.
I love the robot...I have never seen one like that before and would have bought one if I had seen one...Great choice
The men are outside now putting in the windows...they are rushing it a bit...not waiting for the cement to dry before the next stage..but it is looking better by the day...and I will check it over before I pay them.I do have confidence in them doing it right... eventually!
Although the neighboughs over the road said they wondered how big the extension was the amount of building activity going on over here..they will be shocked at how small it is.

4:23 AM  

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