Friday, April 29, 2005

Wild Flower ATC

Wild Flower ATC
Originally uploaded by Sylvia...Sometimes.
So, after being at the Cape 2 days, Jon returned. Not having to think about preparing dinner, I buried myself in "Geisha", finished, then still trying to read Dylan. Slow going, for some reason but honesty there and like the way he thinks.
Weather permitted gardening...should I say weeding? so flowers a mindset for recent ATC's. Okay stuff, but need to get on to fresh ideas. Hmmm, like being fresh! lol.
Decided against a trip 1000 miles away to visit the Mum... Needed the time to recoup from managements frenzy in anticipation of JCHO's visit. Nursing did a superior job and it was senseless...but the powers that be. Anyway, have been enjoying way too much the luxury of making my silly artwork. Have received such wonderful pieces from other mailartist like Michael Leigh and Ed Giecek, that I feel far inferior. "Stealing" music from his eclectic taste...and SO enjoying the poems that Roger Stevens offers up. What I love about his poems is the combination of astute observation, the ability to create wonderful images in the mind, and his humor just when you didn't expect it!
Listenin' to John Lennon's Acoustics...cold turkey has got me on the run!
Yes, I listen to the newer music...XTC yeah! But this particular CD is primal emotion. Love it!
Work tomorrow...just when everyone else is headed out for their weekend. Bejeebers! Next lifetime, I'm gonna be a...
Wherever you are...stop that! You know better!


Blogger Roger Stevens said...

Thanks - you're very kind.

Bit busy at moment - hence brevity.

But it is the sole of wit...

8:54 AM  
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