Thursday, May 12, 2005

Red Fox

Red Fox
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So the guys at the Cape are working???they say, at the poolhouse, when along come this handsome guy. Oh, he may be eye-balling but he's cool. Sticks around for a bit of sunning. Taken by Rick Harlow...and how he got so close speaks to Ricks ease with nature.
So, back here in Boston...weeding...up to my neck in the horrid things...well, that's what rain and more rain does. No, we are not having mud-slides...we are just sliding in the mud! Remember when May meant "HELLLOOOO Sunshine? Ha, got are a decrepit anthropod! Okay, okay...let's make that a "we" then! But enough about the confounding weather....There was a scare today...yep, some poor bloke meandered into Whitehouse airspace. Evacuation. Let's give him an "F" on piloting and an "A+" for surviving..lucky he wasn't shot down. Moral...if you are learning to fly, Washington isn't the place to read the crip sheets.
So...another night eases in, or out, depending on where you are...come on, be honest! Did you drink your prune juice?! We want you fit for the day!
Cheers, all.


Blogger michael said...

Prune juice? No I draw the line at prune juice. ~I chop the odd one up in my muesli with some banana.
Archie is complaining about all the homework he has to do for the weekend. His top group have much more than the bottom group that his friend james is in. He sometimes wishes he wasnt so bright!

4:49 PM  
Blogger Syl said...

Michael...genes...Archie was deemed brilliant from the start...Know what I think is exciting? He has interest and is good in so many diverse areas. Which one will he put his cards in?

6:27 PM  

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