Sunday, May 01, 2005


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JJ during Yucuna tribal initiation ritual, Yurupari.

The rest of the story to follow.


Blogger Syl said...

So this is our friend Rick, an artist who happens to take trips to Colombia and go native. He spent the night so Jon & he could have an early start to the Cape where they will be working this week. But I jumped ahead...Rick is new to flickr but has already set up his own web site. I was helping him take a walk around flickr and that's why his pic is here. He has quite a few totally interesting stories to tell and you really should check out his site! Meantime, we had a leisurely dinner then graduated to music. Since Jon & Rick have been harmonizing for years, it was such a treat...guitar strumming away. Stayed up WAY too late...road-map eyes the next morning! My patients and I moaned and groaned together-I think they were happy I was not quite so demanding that they "get up & get going"! More like, move over, Dear, there's room 'nough for two. Home again...sure quiet so fire up the stereo. Mailed out the latest ATCs I owed then gave in to flickritis. What can you say...poetry by Roger, music AND great gouach pics from Michael, email from Serbia and Sweden, and photography from UAE! It's truly fascinating. Some things don't change...could make a hero sandwich out of the spam I got!!!
Where ever you are...I've got a thermometer and I'm coming after ya! Cheers!

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