Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Lady Rocked!

The Lady Rocked!
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So off we went to the ArtBeat Festival in Somerville. Bigger and better this year. Music is always a favourite and Andrea Gillis knocked my socks off. see here. One cool lady! Food...did I say food? Jon started off with a hotdog, later went back for papadoms & extras...and still had room for ice-cream! The SKUL Bike Club were challenging each other on crazy modified bikes...the cane bellydancers were next door...and 2 artists had handmade panties made from vintage material. Yep, had to have some! All types of jewelry, pottery, handbags, and art to temp...I settled for KennY's OUTSIDE the line studio tee shirt. Let me tell you, if you enjoy people-watching, this was the place to see it all! Later, hot and a bit tired, we walked a rather long way to the Nave Gallery to see/hear visual poetry performances by Matt Chambers, John M Bennett (NO ONE could ever read his poetry but him I am sure!), and Geof Huth. Matt interestingly wore face masks of the poets whose work he read. I loved his Ginsberg interpretation of "Please Master"...though it always rather shocks me. John ka-huh'd, pssss'd, and ru-rrrrr'd through his work, totally giving it a vivid animal quality. And Geof instructed, informed, and finally primalized in a cathartic vocal release that was amazing. I joked with his son about practicing this at home. Definitely get your attention! Finally we walked back to the car...commenting that the long walk back seemed much shorter and refreshing.
So...looking forward to the North End festivals coming up. It's something we've done each year...and since the best Italian food around is here, we have long leisurely lunches...just enjoying.
That was my day...hope yours was as much fun!


Blogger michael said...

Sounds like a great day out and I'm jealous!
Just finsihed breakfast here and Archie is gettin g his shoes on in readiness for penultimate day at school before holidays which he is looking forward to.
Hazel has been whacking bits of metal in her workshop and testing her forgotten braising abilties so hopefully some small gadgets soon.

3:27 AM  

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