Monday, May 30, 2005

Giant Poppies 3

Giant Poppies 3
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Hey, was actually hot today! Perfect for getting those new flowers into the rock garden. Jon separated some that came back really too big, and then we filled in. WORMS!!! ooooooooooer! But I know they mean the soil is good. So finished up there and walked to a local restaurant. Ever read Pluggers in the comics? Well it was that sort of place! But we ate well enough, knocked off the crossword, then went for a walk...which is where we saw these granddaddy sized DEEP orange poppies. Just gorgeous george!
Jon had thought I was going to the Plough with him, as some friends had been asking, but I fudged and stayed home and played. And ordered new courses needed for yearly certification & licensing. Should be here soon and I shall be with my nose in a book for a while. This means not much time for flickring, but gotta do it!
Grilling steaks out tonite and a nice salad of goodies to top it off.
Rented Local Hero last night, recommended by BigAl. Hope to go to the coast next time I am off...soak up some delicious sunshine.
Cheers all! Oh...and check out poetry zone...look for Roger Stevens new CD called Wonky Finger!'ll love it if you like funky make-you-smile music!


Blogger michael said...

Local Hero? is that the film abou the ice cream gang wars in scotland? No, I think I'm on the wrong track there. Its a little fishing village right? and an american oil executive comes to trick the locals into selling up but falls in love with the place. Its been a long time since I saw it.
Nice giant poppies. Ours are a more like floppies now.

7:40 AM  
Blogger hazel said...

Glad to hear you have sun and NOt snow for a change...
the poopy looks wonderful.
a real dash of summer colour.

6:45 AM  

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