Friday, May 27, 2005

Against the Wall

Against the Wall
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Slogging along the rain soaked path...because it stopped for 5 minutes. Grabbed the freakin' camera cuz I didn't really believe...ahhhhh
Colour! Felt sure these had been wind-blasted, torpedoed to the neighbors! But, the most fragile of all held steady.
So...I've got Wonky Finger, by Roger Stevens, on the way. His last CD was great fun...and this one surpasses, I'm sure!
Listenin' to Ian Drury. Knock, knock...the postman has a wee packet. Now why didn't he just poke it thru the slitslatbingbat?! Think he's getting an attachtment to some of the mailart eccentricites! From Sweden, Tennessee, UK today...packets holding jewels...well, the equivalent, I say. And Snapatorium/Swapatorium sent Betty Boop dollies & lunchboxes, Popeye...and a painting you'll see somewhere.
I are welcome to spend the weekend at my place in Montreuse...take the helicopter...but remember you phased out the pilot.
Ta all...what a day.


Blogger michael said...

Nice flarr! I'd take some flarr phots but my camera doesnt do close-ups. Cooking a cheese and onion pie at the moment- I can smell it wafting from the kitchen. Discovered we had run out of iggs so had to improvise with bechamel sause. maybe i shouldnt have added the mushrooms? o well - it'll be tasty if not attractive!
That Angelica lives up to her name that's for sure.
We have some new neighbours two doors away - two teenage boys again! Maybe they wont be as bad as one imagines. Afterall we have almost a teenage boy in the garden now hoisting snails into trees and burning plastic soldiers. We could give them a run for their money!

12:45 PM  
Blogger Roger Stevens said...

The CD's on its way. Nothing like Dodgy Derek's desert Drive-In Dunk-a-Donut Stand though. Hope you like it it.

Been potting up the tomatoes today. We grew them from seed this year for the first time. There were one hundred and ten of the little tinkers!!!

BTW Have you planned your summer holiday? I know a very nice cottage in the countryside that's going for free for three weeks in August.

6:09 PM  
Blogger Syl said...

Yeah!!! Can't wait, Roger. I sneaked a listen to "I Remember Bob"...sounded like the Fugs we thought. Was great, but didn't want to spoil the surprise so I didn't play the others. The mix is wonderful and Jill correct about background music hall sound.
What will you DO with all them 'maters?! Impressed you grew them from seedlings...not an easy feat!
As for vacation, we've ruled out camping-too spoiled! We waiver back and forth between Montreal and England. The cottage sounds interesting and can't beat the price...some more info please? Must one have a car to get about there?
Ta for team there is looking good!

6:08 PM  

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