Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Art Nahpro Envelope and Stamps

Always good to receive mailart, but especially from Art Nahpro. His art is incredible...he often mixes his own renegrade ink...the images lovely. But over the years, many, he has been active in mailart...carving his own stamps...making each envelope and piece truly art. Take a look at this site!


Blogger Roger Stevens said...

So the album arrived? I'm really worried now that you won't like it - or you'll be disappointed.

It's rainy here at the moment. We've got an odd job person clearing the tiny patch of ground at the end of the garden where I'm going to have a second vegetable patch. I bought a couple of pumpkin plants and have nowhere for them.

6:27 AM  
Blogger Syl said...

Yes, Roger! I have been Wonky Fingered! Wanted the chance to really listen, read the lyrics, get a feel for it...and it is GREAT! Loved the bluezy "Reach For Your Guitar"; "Sad" had a wonderful melody. Why do you dwell on the bad things in your life...Can I bring a little gladness? Can I bring a little light?...just loved that. And my next fav was "Bottom Of The Stairs". Just one of catchy fun songs. I can imagine some of our rowdy pals really getting into that....down down down down...up up up UP! And that's the way it made me feel! Perfect packageing by the way with nice label. Especially liked that you included the lyrics but those who like to sing along! After all your hard work, Roger, you've indeed produced a winner!

5:31 PM  
Blogger michael said...

yes, Art Naphro's mail is always a treat (did i say?) and Roger's too, especially the fab "Wonky Finger" CD. Aren't we lucky to know such talented people. I feel quite humbled by them all.

7:36 AM  

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