Saturday, September 10, 2005

Ed Giecek collage Sept 2005

So, I was puttering about, head in the sand..."and then along comes Sally"! That would be the postman and looky, looky what he brought! Mail from Ed Giecek is a special's just full of energy & heart & fun. Changed my mood to "I'm walking on sunshine...yeah, yeah". Then we make a quick run to the market for snacks for tomorrow's family birthday celebration. My special choice is a baked bean & cheese dip...bit of cumin, oregano, chopped chilies, tomatoes, pintos, and sharp cheese. Yum Yum, I seez. Let me tell you, the skies were a brilliant deep blue...perfect for a picnic and that's what we all did...leisurely. Full of good talk and company. Sangrias for the ladies, and you name it for the gents. Eventually, it was time to share gifts (Jon's family has many birthdays in August but they get together whenever all can meet to celebrate). So, gifts were being directed to the honorees...when suddenly there were presents handed to me. I was puzzled...thought it a mistake! No...this wonderful family somehow learned I have a birthday coming up...and they spoiled me thoroughly!!! What a gracious people.
Later, a fire was built and we all gathered 'round...just enjoying.
I hope your day was as good as mine...and if not, hang in will be soon. Wherever you are...if you are reading this, you are in better shape than so many. Stay safe.


Blogger hazel said...

Happy birthday to all of you..what a great sound as if you had a brilliant cheered me up to to read about can't beat a camp fire and good company...and tasty food.

4:06 AM  
Blogger Roger Stevens said...

Hope the celebrations went well. Very sorry to hear about your burglary. That's just about the worst thing. We were burgled a few years ago. They took our Hi Fi, but that was all. Hope you get over it soon. Remember - it's only stuff - and it's never personal.

Edz CD was fab wasn't it? Shame my stuff arrived too late to get on it. Hopefully he'll send a few ATCs out in the fullness of time.

The house looked fine when we got back. Three lots of people all looked after after it - and Judy. She was pleased to see us though.

And now we're feasting on the garden's goodies. Just about to rustle up a home-grown salad for lunch.

Stay cool!

8:02 AM  
Blogger Syl said...

Hazel...something about that campfire...says "throw up the feet and relax". I LOVE watching a fire burn!

Hey, hey..Roger...kiss, kiss..welcome home. And I look forward to hearing all about it. Seems you had to do a bit of juggling to make it happen, but your did it. Always nice to be home again...ohhhh, those fresh veggies sound scrumptidelicious! So...what did you just love about yer holiday?

9:40 PM  
Blogger michael said...

Happy Birthday Syl- just incase you missed my Flickr message. I did send you a card but maybe its a bit late. Hopefully it will turn up soon!
Sounds like you have been having fun anyway. I just made a big curry and got told off because its a weekday and they make Archie fart all through school lessons apparently! He's a popular boy!
Also his sandwich was untouched becaus it had lettuce and cream cheese TOGETHER! the ultimate horror lunch! oops! I love it but then I'm a weirdo dad who never gets anything right!
Its peeing down with rain here- most of the day. Hoepfully some sun tomorrow for hazels trip to Liverpool and maybe I'll go into town to the market and charity shops. I had my autumnal haircut the othert day. A bit drastic but it should last until the new year!

3:19 PM  
Blogger Syl said...

Thanks, Michael. We spent most of the day tying up ends, trying to get ready for holiday. Then headed to the toy store. I wanted to get a robot picture for the group but they were all locked up behind glass and the pics aren't good. I didn't want to have the owner go to the trouble of getting them out only for me to take snaps! Anyway it's always fun to look around. You have a cool collection!!!
Laughing at your efforts at lunch...but then it sounded pretty good to me. Whatever you do, don't have cooked cabbage for dinner...or Archie might be in real trouble next day at school!
Take care.

8:39 AM  

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