Monday, September 26, 2005

Michael Leigh Collaged Bday card Sept 2005

So, back from Montreal & Ottaway. If you haven't been to Montreal...stop!!!Right now start looking for a way to go, cuz it's an experience you won't forget., charm, atmosphere, culture, Biodome, Insectorium, Botanical gardens...and did I mention shopping? Wherever you walk, you are sure to find fabulous little shops to browse, musicians on the street to entertain,and the people-watching is guaranteed to keep your interest. So, I did a little on, watching how people would react. Amazing how many strangers played into it...doing little bows and fun. People dress here...whew no nakies running around! But what I mean sees it all. A charming joie de vivre. After a few days it was on to Ottaway. Massive, open-air feel...something interesting to see which ever way one looks. May I suggest dinner at the Fish Market? As we entered a satisfied customer exclaimed "Wow! The fish was FANTASTIC!!!". Downstairs is more formal and expect to wait...but upstairs offers most anything just as good. Reasonable prices and a view. Hated to leave, but back to Montreal at a B&B on Fontaine Park...different in feel...more residential. We actually enjoyed it more than being right in the center of the Latin Quarter. A serene place to wander about taking in wonderful old homes and spaces. After a death march walk across town to the Musee des Beau Art and back, our feet were refusing to walk further. Just in time...a pub to lift the spirits until dinner at L'Epress at 9 PM. Reservations just about mandatory. Prepare to be WAY spoiled by the staff...and anything, I mean anything one orders I am sure is superb! Two hours later we are sated. And the place is still lined up with people wanting to get in. Fresh cool air on the walk home. And what should we see? Budget hearts and brains on sell at a medical supply store. Jon is sure that is where his brain comes from. Oh, we will go back...maybe this winter to see the glow of night lights on the snow...
Lots of stops on the way home...taking pictures of landscape (hopefully fodder for futures paintings by Jon). Home...yes, sweet home. YEAH!!! Everything intact and welcoming...but holy cow-a BOX of mail. Some things one develops a radar for. Mailart!!! Michael Leigh has sent one of his great envelopes...always a treat. But oh wait...inside a delicate, beautiful collaged birthday card. THAT was my present and I couldn't have been more pleased, but Michael also included a Crosby, Stills & Nash collector's CD. Thanks to Michael, Hazel, & Archie for putting this big grin on my face!
I feel totally spoiled...thank you, Jonathan, for introducing me to Montreal. And thank you everyone for being you! Til later...


Blogger scrapatorium said...

Thanks for sharing your vacation with us! Sounds like you had a marvelous time.

I missed your birthday?? When was it Syl? Happy Birthday!! Expect something in your mailbox soon from me.

9:18 PM  
Blogger Roger Stevens said...

Wow! Sounds like you had a fantastic time. Welcome home.

6:28 AM  
Blogger michael said...

Thanks for making my mail sound like fun to get! I hoped it would be. Sounds lkke a nice relaxing holiday- the best kind. those holidays full of tigers and missiles and earthquakes are never much fun!
Thanks for sharing some of your hoilday momnents with us. Also the moments which are very similar to the momnents but with Mom tagging along.

6:02 PM  
Blogger michael said...

Hey! Fantastic blog. How about some Home Cleaning Products! Catch you later!

3:21 AM  

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