Monday, November 14, 2005

Music Talks

Music Talks
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My Dad loved music, especially I probably listened to BB King and the likes with a pacifier poked in my mouth. Thing is, even then, it talked to me. Dear ole Mum saw to it that I saw people from all over...tried their cuisine and listened to the local music. And to what they had to say. Learned to love the food, music, and definitely question what our newspapers had to report. Too many a journalists learned too late that honest reporting wasn't to be tolerated. What?! In the US?! If you believe what you read, you haven't stepped out yer door except to water the flowers. Not saying that isn't important too.
So Jon has taken off to the Cape for a week...not without taking his computor and the extra TV. This is work...I imagine a house full of guys, each easily overstimulated, doing their own version of "One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest". But with precision. And in musical harmony. They are artists first!
My collage just speaks to the way I "see" music. It's true you don't have to know the words to understand the meaning of music-no matter where it comes from. But what I concede is that with knowledge of the language, you will hear music that tells of the times as surely as art records it.
But I also think trying to play this keyboard might be a bit tricky! ;-)
Wheverever you, laugh, cry...listen to the music. You'll hear something that expresses what you feel.
Take care...Peace to you tonight.


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